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Two ways of triggering an intervention
-An After Sales Service intervention: LVH is then commissioned by the manufacturer
- Rapid response at the direct request of customers
- Serenity Contract emergency intervention
- For Serenity Contract members, departure within the hour following the request for intervention on simple phone call 24/7

Types of intervention:
-Diagnosis, repair, setup and program backup
-Commissioning of variable speed drives, starters, all types of motors...
-Curative and preventive intervention

Delivery of parts on site via LVH partners: Danfoss et Gefran
Approvals obtained from these two manufacturers allow LVH to deliver parts of a variable speed drive (if the product is still in the manufacturer's catalogue) directly on-site and put into service in next to no time!

Safety of interventions:
-All LVH technicians have electrical certification (NF C18-510 Standard) to ensure perfect safety of men and interventions
- Interventions on low and high voltage

Added value of LVH on-site interventions:
-Quality of listening
-Quality of repairs
-Benefit of the LVH "Experience database" accumulated in extremely varied areas and its "all terrain" capability


All our technicians are trained and certified in compliance with the LVH Electronique standard.

LVH ELectronique is an approved repairer:

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