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Expert and available technicians
For greater efficiency and speed of response, LVH technicians are organised into centres of excellence (variable speed drives, brushless motor / DC, controllers, temperature control, video and terminals, printed circuit boards, etc.) and are trained every year, especially by LVH partners: Danfoss and Gefran. They work in tandem to ensure continuous availability and a thorough knowledge of current interventions.
LVH technicians thus intervene and act as a true outsourced  on-site maintenance service and provide customers with all the support they require.
It can also happen that something interpreted as a failure on-site can be resolved by a simple phone call to LVH, the advice of a technician being enough to solve the problem; and this is completely free of charge. Finally, for total safety, all LVH technicians have electrical certification (NF C18-510).

The technical salesmen, a real neighbourhood relay
The technical sales team constitutes a real LVH neighbourhood relay in the field: they are the ones who pick up equipment and return it, offering direct explanations about the interventions made. They thus make it possible for the customer to have just one contact for efficiency, tracking and maximum comfort.

A rigorous intervention process
-On receipt of the equipment, computer registration and traceability
-Acknowledgement of receipt of the equipment by e-mail, as soon as registered
-Free assessment: audit, test bench and diagnosis
-Free and detailed quote with recommendation
-Automatic acknowledgement of receipt of order (ARO)
-Repair following diagnosis
-Once the equipment is repaired, the customer is informed that its equipment is now pending delivery
-Delivery of equipment by the LVH technical sales team with presentation of the intervention report

High performance test benches
To achieve perfectly reliable assessment, LVH has several standard test benches and a dedicated customised bench.

LVH Customer Area: a real working tool
To provide a real working tool for its customers, LVH has created an interface for real-time contract monitoring:
-Consultation of quotes and stock
-Order transmission
-Order follow-up: diagnosis, repair and delivery
-And now: printout of the different documents: quotes, proofs of delivery and invoices

And for even more convenience, the customer area also allows the customer to make a direct request for equipment pick-up, which is sent to the technical salesperson concerned in real-time.

An emergency service
-Emergency 24 / 7 for Serenity Contract customers
-Technical Hotline: available for all LVH customers, and those who aren't customers as well!

New in 2013: Parts Alert!
In order to facilitate the search for hard-to-find parts, LVH has set up a unique system to alert all its customers. Parts alert can be activated directly from the customer area.

All our technicians are trained and certified in compliance with the LVH Electronique standard.

LVH ELectronique is an approved repairer:

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